Lights, camera – Media Savvy! With Tanya Nellestein

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I’ve watched with admiration and pride at the number of fellow authors who are kicking butt in the independent publishing arena. It’s wonderful to see so many brilliant books finding their way out into the world. Many of you have unlocked the secrets to advertising and have built amazing newsletter audiences. But how many of you have the magic, all-purpose key to book publicity?

What’s that, you say?



And the best part, it will cost you as little as nothing to whatever your budget allows.

It’s called … (drumroll please!) …  your AUTHOR MEDIA KIT.

Media Savvy will help you develop and shape your very own, all-purpose author media kit that can be adapted with each new book release. A good media kit is one of the most straightforward ways to win over the media and everyone else who matters during your publicity rounds: book reviewers, bloggers, and indie bookstores.

So, what is a media kit? Basically, it’s all the important information about you and your book in one spot. A digital and dynamic business card on your website. And if you don’t have a website, no worries! The media kit is still a digital and dynamic business card that you can email to others.

A media kit can contain some or all of the following:

  • Your bio
  • Headshots
  • Contact information
  • Book blurb and cover shots
  • Press release
  • Sell sheet  (one-page sheet meant for retailers and book bloggers who want all the details)
  • Q&A/Tip sheet (for those aiming for a guest spot on Sunrise and want to help the interviewer out with the right things to ask)
  • Book excerpt (especially for retailers and reviewers)

Media Savvy will look at all of these elements, as well as how, who and when to send the media kit to.

The Nitty Gritty:

Who is the Media Savvy course for?

  • Anyone wanting to expand their publicity tool kit (indie, trad and those still figuring their publishing path out)
  • Anyone hoping to garner media exposure
  • Anyone hoping to get their books into indie bookshops
  • Anyone hoping to get exposure from book bloggers and book reviewers.
  • Anyone with an interest in any and all of the above

What will you get out of the Media Savvy course?

  • Knowledge of what to put in an author media kit
  • Knowledge of how to develop your own author media kit
  • Feedback on elements and press releases you develop during the course
  • Awareness of distribution channels
  • Hopefully a plan and timeline for your next book promotion.

Who is Tanya Nellestein?

  • Published indie author
  • Freelance journalist
  • Hearts Talk deputy editor
  • Your new best friend!

Course Dates: Media Savvy starts on July 5th and runs for four weeks. All information will be pre recorded and available weekly for participants to digest at a time that suits them.

Cost: $55 members, $66 non-members

Venue: Online – RWA Moodle Platform

For more information and bookings:

Presenter Bio: Tanya Nellestein is a freelance journalist, media liaison and author who has written for a variety of publications. Her speciality is romance journalism, and she’s keen to see as many romance writers out in the media as possible. To find out more:

Author and presenter Tanya Nellestein

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