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Winter solstice has just passed, and the wind is bitterly cold outside. Not to forget the rain of course! But none of that matters if you’re inside curled up next to the fire, or under a blanket because you’re cosy! Please welcome Debbie Johansson, a romance author who also likes to dabble in paranormal and gothic fiction. Today Debbie shares with us her cosy space and comfort read as well as her two heartwarming Christmas stories (Christmas in the coldest part of the year is always sure to warm our hearts!)

Dragonwyck by Anya Seton

It’s a tough choice, but I my comfort read would have to be ‘Dragonwyck’ by Anya Seton. I discovered this book when I was ten, which introduced me to the Gothic genre, and I’ve enjoyed both ever since.

Set in 1844, it’s the story of young Miranda Wells, who falls under the spell of the large manor house ‘Dragonwyk’ and its master, her distant cousin and Patroon, Nicholas Van Ryn. The book includes Gothic tropes such as a gloomy mansion, a curse, and a ghost. It’s a Gothic romance, but one that does not fit into the modern definition of a romance novel. The author does not portray Nicholas as a ‘real’ romantic hero, instead, the reader is taken into some dark, disturbing territory (yes, I really did read this as a ten-year-old). Anyone looking for a genuine happy ending will be very disappointed, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fascinating, entrancing read.

My 1965 edition has become so well read that a couple of years ago I had to buy another copy. Now falling apart and stuck together with sticky tape that’s no longer doing its job, it has seen better days.

In winter, there are a couple of cosy spaces I like to read. On sunny days, I prefer to be outside having the sun keep me warm. Our dog, Fox (my writing buddy), usually joins me. Other days, I’ll be on the lounge in the corner wrapped up in a heated blanket, again, with Fox sleeping nearby.

About First Christmas

First Christmas by Debbie Johansson

Christmas spirit comes in the most unexpected ways.

In 1916, young newlywed, Caroline Owens spends her first Christmas alone. Or is she?

Shy nurse, Linda Graham, struggles with a tragic loss. Can a ghost help restore her broken heart?

These are two heart-warming short stories, especially for Christmas.

‘Lots of emotion packed into a short story… I was left wanting more.’ – Amazon Review

‘Christmassy and sweet. Gave me that feel-good romance vibe.’ – Amazon Review

Available on Amazon

About Debbie Johansson

Author Debbie Johansson

Debbie Johansson is an author of Paranormal and Gothic Fiction.

A taphophile, Debbie is fascinated by the paranormal, mysteries, and the unexplained. She loves history, exploring old houses, and abandoned buildings. She enjoys going on ghost tours and has been known to encounter a ghost or two.

Where to find Debbie online:


Facebook: DebbieJohanssonAuthor

Instagram: debbiejohansson_


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  2. I think it’s wonderful when a book has been so well loved that it falls apart. Dragonwyk is a good choice! Happy reading to you and Fox!

    1. Hi Priscilla. Yes, that book is so well read, it no longer has a spine keeping it together. Any wonder I had to get another copy! I still can’t bring myself to throw it out though. 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

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