October OWL | Getting the ship moving with Sara Hood

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 (7 steps to the best marketing plan ever!)

Baffled about how to start your book marketing? Or looking to turbo charge your early stage (or early-ish)book marketing?  This online workshop is for you. We’ll go through 7 simple, proven steps to create a book marketing plan that is easy to create, easy to implement and won’t break the bank.  It will be the foundation for the rest of your career as a writer.

And also solves the eternal problem of ‘what do I write about?’ on social media! Yay!

Using a learn-at-your-leisure format, there is a PDF each week for three weeks, a community support group, and the final week is a webinar, which is also recorded.

What are the 7 steps?
It breaks down into three sections:

1. Getting your head in the right place

  • Getting a marketing mindset  … lean in
  • Who am I? Key tip: you are the last person to know!

2. Doing stuff

  • Website … did you know you can do without one (for a bit, anyway)? Plus super simple website ideas
  • Social media .. yes or no? Why and which
  • Email .. yes, email. Still important

3. Getting discoverable

  • Optimising your book ‘packaging’ – what you absolutely must do and why it’s important
  • Optimising Amazon Kindle – simple steps to understanding categories, price, keywords

The webinar in the final week is for questions and any areas where participants have asked for demonstrations, case studies or examples.

What is learn at your leisure?
Exactly that! Each week a PDF will be posted to the group and you can read it when you wish. The webinar: you can turn up live or watch the recording later. Your call. If you’re unable to attend the webinar, you can send questions and I’ll answer them for you to catch up with later. There is also an online community. Dial in and leave message, have conversations, ask questions … That community, though, only lasts for the duration of the course.

Sound like what you’re looking for?  

This is being run through the Romance Writers of Australia. RWA members get a discount but everyone is welcome! Prices are in Australian dollars and there is an additional 30c booking fee:

RWA member living in Australia: $30
RWA member not living in Australia: $27.27
Non RWA member living in Australia: $80
Non RWA members not living in Australia: $72.72

Any questions?  Email Sara!

Register: https://www.trybooking.com/287094


About Sara Hood

Sara Hood has more than 30 years experience in marketing and has been a member of RWA for the last 8 years. She regularly writes, presents and coaches authors looking to sell more books. She presented at the RWA conference 2015 and led OWLs in 2015 and 2016. Her workshops are informative, inclusive and very, very practical.

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