Self-publishing is fun! And, you have all the power.

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What power? Every decision is yours to make – that’s powerful.

But with control comes responsibility. You must be a business that produces well-written, well-crafted, edited, beta-read, designed, proofed, beautiful books (in your genre), fabulous attention-grabbing covers and unputdownable blurbs. You will create ebooks and audiobooks (if you wish). You must register, print, price and distribute to your readers. How do you find those readers? You market through your author website, newsletter, social media, book signings, publications, word-of-mouth, promotions, swag, advertising and anything else. Of course, you will need to keep business records and accounts for the tax people. Then you plan the next book and repeat the process all over again. Phew!

A lot of responsibility, right?

But with a well-thought-out plan, you can self-publish. And not only once. Many times if you choose to.

Since my first novel in 2017, I’ve published five books and helped other authors release fiction and non-fiction. I was late to the indie set, but it’s been a fun ride. I turned fifty-two and realised my life-long dream of publication needed to start (I did have six complete manuscripts that have never seen the light of day). If I can do it past fifty, you can do it at any age.

Like many writers, I sent manuscripts to traditional publishers and agents. It’s a long process to gain a contract, let alone hold the final book (if you are lucky). For me, time was running out. Self-publishing was my option.

Since I had worked with a small publisher, I knew the basics of publishing. What I didn’t realise was how many hats I would wear. It’s a lot of pressure when continually looking up the process and wasting time doing so. That’s what led me to keep records of my self-publishing processes. Those notes became a course for RWA in 2019 (similar to The Dozen Steps of Self Publishing Academy Short Course).

How to Self-Publish in OZ by Donna Munro

By 2021 I combined the notes into the book How to Self-Publish in Oz (an Amazon bestseller) because I wanted Australians to be able to find things applicable to our country. I’d written three books by then, plus rebranded those original novels. I have more to say about the process. I’m still learning every day – always will be.

That’s the thing with self-publishing – there’s constantly something new to learn.

I recently attended the Storytellers’ Festival on the Sunshine Coast and was interviewed by the lovely Mary-Lou Stephens about my books. I was so nervous before getting on stage, though I know it’s something I must face as an author. Being the centre of attention isn’t always fun for us introverts.

If you enjoy ever-evolving challenges, self-publishing may be for you. If you’d like to find out more, join my Academy Short Course at If you want inspiration for your author’s website, go to:

The Dozen Steps of Self-Publishing

Presenter: Donna Munro
There’s no better joy to an aspiring romance author than the arrival of the first book baby. Holding a debut book in your hands, flipping the pages, rubbing the cover and staring at your author picture may seem surreal. Advancements in technology make it possible for you to simply self-publish – if you know

This course includes tasks, checklists and templates.

As an indie author of three women’s fiction novels, the non-fiction How to Self-Publish in Oz and a freelance writer, Donna Munro can show you how to take the steps. After working in publishing as a book marketing publicist and learning the ropes, she transitioned to self-publishing.

She helps other writers achieve their goals by providing newsletters, websites, book design, book covers and additional guidance. Skills include excellence in multiple computer platforms and apps, 18 years in the printing industry, writing diploma, graphic design, publishing, administration, marketing and event management.

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