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Why don’t you need a website?

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So many beginner writers ask me ‘do I really need a website?’. Of course, the answer is a resounding yes, but in my view they are really saying something quite different. I think they all know they need a website, but they are worried, scared and generally feeling overwhelmed at the idea of creating one. Or getting someone else to create one. Expensive. Tech nerdy. Complicated. So they try to avoid it and ask ‘do I really need a website?’ in the hope that I will say that of course they can go ahead and build a fabulous writing career …

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Edit Your Own Romance Novel

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Well hey there, how are your writing resolutions holding up? My resolutions are to write more – I guess that’s everyone here too, huh? My other resolution is to publish more, which means making sure my books are good enough to get out there and earn their keep! I can guarantee you there will be a typo in this short article. And that’s OK! We’re all human and we’re all doing our best. I’ve had some of my books traditionally published and I’ve self-published many others – and even the professionally published ones which had multiple rounds of editing and …

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Kiss and Tell | John Purcell

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Welcome to 2019, and the first Kiss and Tell in our genre diversification series. I’ve loved bringing you interviews with our fabulous romance authors over the last twelve months. Like many of my fellow RWA members, I delight in reading both inside and outside of the romance genre, so I’m excited to shake things up in 2019 and speak with a wide variety of Australian writers.

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Simply Writing | NEW YEAR Q&A

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Welcome to 2019! Thanks so much for joining me so soon in the New Year. I hope you’ve had a fab Summer and are ready to face an exciting and productive year of writing. So, last month we looked at what YOU wanted to know, and in this, my first post for 2019, I’d love to continue with more of the same.

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How to set up a Weebly website in 4 easy lessons

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Presented by Sara Hood Course Dates: 4 February — 3 March 2019 Cost: RWA Member—$55. Non-RWA Member—$88. Venue: Facebook Booking link: About the course… As writers, we need to have a website. It doesn’t need to be complex, but it does need to exist. How do we do that with limited resources, both financial and time? Easy! Weebly. A simple, drag and drop online website builder and host that requires minimal technical knowledge to set up. And I do mean minimal. If you can fill your car with petrol, you can make a Weebly website. This course will show …

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OWL: Edit Your Own Romance Novel

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Presented by Ebony McKenna Course Dates: 4 February — 3 March 2019Cost: RWA Member—$55. Non-RWA Member—$88.Venue: Online – RWA Moodle PlatformBooking link: About the course… In the dark about editing? Let Ebony McKenna show you how to edit your own romance manuscript and deliver a great story for your readers, with this intensive online course. These are the same techniques she used for her self-published novel, The Girl & The Ghost, and it won the RuBY! The course will run for four weeks. Lesson material will be made available on Moodle at the start of each week in the …

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Volunteer of the Month | Kristine Charles

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An avid reader since before she could walk, Kristine Charles loves telling fairytales. Sure, they started out as stories of gnomes and elves and pixies, but now they’ve morphed into tales of contemporary romance in which successful women live the ups and downs of their lives, and generally find a fabulous man (or two!) along the way. When she’s not writing you can find Kristine working (in employee relations) or managing the RWA Ripping Start contest. She’ll usually have coffee, wine, or whisky by her side. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate. She also loves talking to newbie authors, paying forward …