The Tasting Table: Beginning the journey

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Welcome to The Tasting Table as we gather with three fabulous authors here to chat about their current journey toward publication. What an exciting and often daunting time it is before our first book is published. No matter what path we follow, the emotions, doubts, highs and lows all creep in. Please join me in welcoming Nancy Cunningham, Heather Hodgson (writing as HM Hodgson), and Nina Campbell (writing as ND Campbell) as they share their experiences, hopes, dreams, and advice.

Kiss and Tell | Fiona Lowe

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Victorian writer, Fiona Lowe, has always told stories in her head, but it wasn’t until she was given a Mills and Boon medical romance for her thirtieth birthday that she decided to write a book of her own. Her experience as a midwife, community health nurse and sexual health counsellor provide ongoing inspiration, with Fiona doing most of her writing under the watchful gaze of her ginger feline friend, Pekoe. Her hobbies include tennis, volunteering for Meals on Wheels, coordinating a book group and enjoying live theatre in all its glory – from amateur to fringe through to professional.

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Episode: 2 New York New York City! The beautifully illustrated Literary Places describes New York as “a seething megapolis of taxi cabs, dive bars, movie stars, uptowners, out-of-towners, priests, pimps, players and phonies”, but suggests despite the teeming busyness … the city can be a lonely place. A place to hide, as well as to show off. I wonder how out authors this week chose to use it? (Baxter, 2019)

Cover Crush| March

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Another speedy month has driven past and here we are already well into March. I was excited to see our Member’s New Releases and, as always, they did not disappoint. This month we have a feast for the senses. A visual cornucopia of romantic elements that draw the eye and capture the imagination. Nearly every corner of our wide breadth of sub-genres is captured in this month’s new releases, and I won’t deny that the choice for the Cover Crush this month was a hard one.

Simply Writing | TIS THE SEASON TO BE QUERYING . . .

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I’m not certain there is a particular season for querying an editor or agent, but I thought this a fitting title given that Christmas has just been and gone, and who wouldn’t want a contract tied up with a pretty green, red and gold bow? When submitting a manuscript to an editor or agent, there are so many things we have to not only remember, but get right. How should we structure our query? What must we include and what must we leave out? And what factors should we take into consideration as we word that wonderful yet critical covering …

Simply Writing | NEW YEAR Q&A

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Welcome to 2019! Thanks so much for joining me so soon in the New Year. I hope you’ve had a fab Summer and are ready to face an exciting and productive year of writing. So, last month we looked at what YOU wanted to know, and in this, my first post for 2019, I’d love to continue with more of the same.

Cover Crush | December/January

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Twelve months has come and gone since I began this blog and it has given me such an insight into the importance of visually appealing covers for our great work. A series of unexpected end-of-year events has meant this month will feature both December and January’s Cover Crush nominations.

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Appeal to readers with emotive showing and telling

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Show don’t tell is yelled from roof tops and preached at literary alters, and yet it remains one of the most problematic maxims for fiction writers around the globe. It’s the telling part that gives us the most trouble because it is inherent in the art of storytelling. So, how can you make sense of the maxim and successfully apply it to your writing? In this article we’re going to explore the importance of avoiding key storytelling pitfalls and change the way you view showing and telling. “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light …