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Sandy Barker’s latest novel, The Christmas Swap, was the perfect tale to get me in the festive mood. Telling the story from three different perspectives, the novel bounced between Colorado USA, a the UK and inner-city Melbourne.

The Christmas Swap by Sandy Barker

The characters, Jules, Chloe and Lucy have been best friends since they met on holiday as children, and in a similar vein to the popular Christmas rom-com, The Holiday, they trade places and spend Christmas in each other’s homes. From a snow-capped cabin in USA to a quaint British village and Australia, the settings for this story provided a great escape. Sandy’s own travel adventures and love of all things Christmas were layered through the novel, making it a sweet and entertaining read with a lovely mix of wanderlust, family and romance. If you like Hallmark Christmas movies, you’ll be sure to race through this one.

Based in Melbourne, Sandy has a background teaching high school English and drama, and writes after hours, between her full-time job as an adult learning specialist. A keen baker, she once made a friend’s wedding cake, and prides herself on finding the perfect gift for loved ones, just like one of her characters in The Christmas Swap. When she’s not writing romance and blogging about her travel adventures (a passion that’s on hold due to Covid), Sandy loves giving back to the writing community and regularly volunteers as an early reader and writing contest judge. She’s also an avid reader, a film buff, a wine lover and a coffee snob. The Christmas Swap is Sandy’s fourth novel, published by One More Chapter, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Author Sandy Barker

Short and sweet questions

Current book on your bedside table:  American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld – it’s a hefty read so I only pick it up when I can focus

Where do you do most of your writing? At my standup desk – I usually write an hour or two before starting work

Favourite Australian holiday destination: My home state, WA – family, friends, beautiful scenery and beaches, and the wine!

What’s your preferred drop? Wine! Love an Aussie Riesling and Pinot Noir best 

Guilty pleasure? Trashy reality competition shows (am writing in this world at the moment)

Pet peeve: Rudeness – it’s easy to be polite

Favourite fictional couple and why? Jamie and Claire from the Outlander series – it’s a real relationship, complex and deep, with humour, compassion and honesty

If you could pack two non-essential items for a deserted tropical island, what would they be? My Kindle and a battery pack and charger (is that cheating?)

Name an emerging author to keep an eye out for: Fiona Leitch – she writes romance/crime/comedy mashups and her cozy mystery series with One More Chapter (HarperCollins) comes out early next year – she’s the funniest author I’ve ever read

Established authors who inspire you? Lindsey Kelk, Paige Toon, Julie Caplin, Julie Houston, Natasha Lester – prolific writers who are so, so talented and work so hard (there are lots more too)

Best thing about being a writer? Having characters ‘living and breathing’ in my head and when I’m in such a flow, I just follow them about and write down what they do and say

Worst thing about being a writer? EDITING! Structural edits are my least fave

Do you prefer music, podcasts or silence when writing? Silence. If I need something to drown out noise, I will listen to ocean or rain sounds on Spotify

Favourite perfume: Clarins Eau Dynamisante – citrusy and uplifting – I call it my happy smell

TV/film crush: Henry Cavill – swoon

The best non-writing related prize I won … an all-expenses-paid trip to New Zealand worth $10000 in 2013 with ‘25 words or less’!

Top three tips for aspiring authors? 

  1. Get the words on the page without worrying about the mechanics of writing
  2. Edit with lots of attention to the mechanics of writing
  3. Hone your synopsis and query letter until they are perfect

What theme do you hope shines through in your writing? That love comes in many forms, and self-love is the most important

Proudest author moment? Holding my first book, One Summer in Santorini, in my hands – it felt real then.

My favourite thing about writing romance … the happily ever after (or happy for now) – getting to experience that vicariously over and over again fills me with joy

If anything gives me flack about writing romance, I tell them… it’s the biggest selling genre for a reason – people want to read about relationships because they are a big part of who we are and how we come to know who we are 

Three fun facts about the author:

  1. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue
  2. I met Hugh Jackman when he was at Drama school (another swoon)
  3. I’ve travelled to all continents except Antarctica 

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