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Some fabulous new releases for Autumn!

Title: Marrying Her Outback Enemy

Author: Michelle Douglas

Date: April 17

Publisher: Harlequin Mills & BoonFormat: ebook



Rose has put everything into running her family’s farm, so she’s furious that her father’s will states she must marry to keep it! All she can do is propose—to anyone. She picks Lincoln—her neighbor, her enemy and the man she once shared a pulse-racing moment of passion with… She offers him a coveted plot of land in return—but she’s still surprised when he says yes to making her his billion-dollar bride!

Author Michelle Douglas

Paragraph from Author about the book: 

This is the final book in the Wed in the Outback series with Ally Blake, Rachael Stewart, and Kandy Shepherd. It’s an enemies to lovers marriage of convenience with a hero who has shoulders as broad as the horizon and a smile to die for, and a heroine who will do anything to save her family’s outback cattle station. When sparks fly, feelings become involved. With three generations of ill will between their families, can this pair ever learn to trust each other? Link to author website and buy link.

Title: A Pregnancy Bombshell to Bind Them

Author: Annie West

Date: 17th April

Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon

Format: print and ebook


Breaking news: she’s having the billionaire’s baby!

Model Laura is filming on location when she’s swept off her feet by wildly attractive Vassili. After a lifetime of lies, Laura’s drawn to his honesty — he doesn’t do commitment. Until she learns he’s engaged, and that she’s pregnant…

Greek tycoon Vassili is furious his family fabricated his engagement, especially as Laura now won’t return his calls. When a newspaper reports she’s expecting, Vassili tracks her down, and discovers it’s true! A convenient marriage would secure his heir, but it will take more than a ring to rebuild their trust…

Author Annie West

Paragraph from Author about the book:

A PREGNANCY BOMBSHELL TO BIND THEM is a story about instant attraction between people who each carry shadows from the past. Yet they are some of the most positive, joyful people I’ve written. Laura and Vassili find temptation impossible to resist, until their scorching affair is interrupted by news that turns their lives upside down and shatters their trust. Both are strong-minded, wary and determined to do right by the unborn child they’re now expecting. But that means facing their demons and finding a way forward together – not easy! This one is full of sizzle and deep, deep emotion.  

Link to author website and buy link. 


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Title: Surprise Proposal, Outback Inheritance

Author: Kandy Shepherd

Date: 17th April 2024

Publisher: Harlequin Enterprises Ltd

Format: ebook & paperback


The key to Cinderella’s inheritance…

When Anastasia finds herself in need of a husband, she turns to her best friend, millionaire tycoon Connor. She’s always carried a torch for the guy from next door, but anything romantic is completely off-limits. The relationship might be faux, but once she’s wearing Connor’s ring, Ana’s very real desire for him becomes impossible to hide any longer… Especially when his ‘I do’ kiss feels anything but fake!

Author Kandy Shepherd

Paragraph from Author about the book:

Wed in the Outback is a four-book linked series about four sisters who have to marry within a year to gain a billion-dollar inheritance. Three of the sisters have no idea sister number four exists, until the reading of their father’s will. Outback Inheritance, Surprise Proposal is Anastasia, the secret sister’s story. When jewellery designer Anastasia has to find a husband she proposes a fake marriage of convenience to her platonic best friend since childhood, millionaire tycoon Connor. But what happens when fake feelings turn real? The book moves from the dusty outback to snow-covered Budapest and is a sensual, emotional friends-to-lovers story.

Link to author website and buy link. 

Kandy Shepherd

Harper Collins

Mills & Boon Aus

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