Simply Writing| A Four letter word called PLOT by Ebony McKenna

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Welcome everyone! A while ago I asked what topics you’d like covered, and Toni mentioned she’d love a post on plotting. As a pantser, I don’t believe I’m the best person to offer advice, so I’ve asked Ebony McKenna, author of Edit Your Romance Novel, to give us a rundown on her process of plotting. I hope you guys find this post as interesting and helpful as I did ☺

Cover Crush | May

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May has arrived and so has the winter chill. We have said goodbye to summer dresses, long days filled with sunshine and the background reverberation of cicadas at night. Winter is almost here, but that’s okay, because our Member’s New Releases will keep us warm.

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Episode 3 Australia’s Great Southern Land Rural romance is always popular, and I wonder what makes it so? Is it the history of rural settings? The rugged outdoors, the smalltown cosy factor, the sense of life being lived at a slower, more meaningful pace? The appeal of RuRo no doubt varies from reader to reader, but it is indisputable that setting and context must play a leading role in that appeal.

Cover Crush | April

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Here we are in April and autumn is upon us. It’s my favourite time of the year with it vibrant colours and exciting prospects, much like our Member’s New Releases. This month we are once again enveloped in epic masterpieces that electrify the imagination. Every month I am astonished by the brilliance we have within our ranks, and again I was not disappointed.

Cover Crush| March

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Another speedy month has driven past and here we are already well into March. I was excited to see our Member’s New Releases and, as always, they did not disappoint. This month we have a feast for the senses. A visual cornucopia of romantic elements that draw the eye and capture the imagination. Nearly every corner of our wide breadth of sub-genres is captured in this month’s new releases, and I won’t deny that the choice for the Cover Crush this month was a hard one.

The Tasting Table| Advice from the heart

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This month felt like the perfect time to revisit sage advice from a cross-section of authors who have already visited us at The Tasting Table. With the recent events surrounding plagiarism, there’s been some insightful blogs from authors such as Nora Roberts and Courtney Milan, who are both affected. There is a total of twenty nine authors identified as being plagiarised so far, including our own Anne Gracie. This causes unrest and worry for other authors, published or not, which is completely understandable.

Cover Crush | February

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Another month has come and gone. Can you believe we are already into February? I’ve hardly finished washing the clothes from the holiday period and here I am, sending my baby to Pre-School. As they say, the days are long but the years are fast. This month, after viewing the tempting delights of our Member New Releases, I’d like to focus on the opportunity to embrace new subjects within our genre.