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Tips from and Industry Insider | Why Authors Need a Brand

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Readers don’t buy by publisher*. Nobody goes into a bookshop and asks for the latest Pan McMillan title. Instead, they ask for the new Nora Roberts or, if the series becomes so well known that the character eclipses the author, the most recent Jack Reacher novel. So, even if you’re traditionally published you’re going to need an identifiable brand to distinguish yourself from your competition.

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The Tasting Table | Romantic Suspense

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Welcome to a genre very close to my heart. Suspense adds a whole new element to a romance, whether there are lives at stake, or a good mystery. Our guests today have a diverse range of favourite authors and I’m quickly adding to my TBR!

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Kiss and Tell | Jock Serong

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Award-winning Port Fairy author, Jock Serong writes with a gripping narrative and a pace that urges you to read quicker. Reviewers describe his novels as adventure fiction, crime novels, murder mysteries and political thrillers, and although each release covers a vastly different theme, all four are linked by unexpected plot twists, strong characters and sharp writing. A keen surfer with a background in criminal law, Jock is currently studying his PhD in creative writing, evaluates funding applications from other writers works as a peer assessor for Vic Arts and The Australia Council, and supports local authors through writing workshops and …

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Tips from and Industry Insider | Marketing Strategies for New Releases

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Now that I’m an author as well as a publicist, I know why everybody groans when the word ‘marketing’ comes up. It’s a hungry monster with a never-ending appetite. How do you know what to feed it? And how do you plan meal times so that it doesn’t take up every minute of your writing, leisure and family time? The key is to not give in to demand feeding.